​Hey Babes,


Welcome to TheBabesClub; a space created to share exclusive content (yeah, you can also call it a blog). Here goes our first entry..


Aside from overeating, over drinking and over thinking these lasts days of the year, December is a great time to look back into the past and acknowledge what you have accomplished (or at least tried to..) Looking back, we couldn’t help but wonder, what’s next?


For us, the past year has been one full of growth. We created a method, built a studio, curated an experience, generated a lifestyle. Clients, babes, you, followed and took advantage of it from the start. Sounds like mission accomplished, right? Um yeah! but not really (you know we’re always into something.)


Today, we are ready to move beyond borders. To grow further. To expand as a company, as a brand, as a community. To influence and inspire women. To provide bloggers a tool to always stay SEXY, LEAN, and STRONG. 


We are going global. We are moving into our next chapter: #FitologyOnTheGo. Wait, what? Yes, on-the-go, as in take me on vacations NOW.


You’ll be able to access mini workouts from our Instagram account (@wearefitology) anytime, anywhere. The mini workouts come from exercises that we teach in our studio. 


The goal is for you to complete 30 min of cardio on your own before following our workouts. The workout routines feature different types of locations for you to choose depending on where you are at the time, what inspires, drives and moves you. 


We want you to have the opportunity to experience our method without actually having to visit our studio. You know.. if you are a jet-setter.





Plaza Super 99

Planta Baja, Local 4B

Panama City, Panama


Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 6pm

Friday 7:30am - 4pm