​Workout. Diet. Staaarve. Workout. No carbs. Yay, finally a cheat meal. OMG why did I cheat? Detox asap! Ugh, its Monday, here we go again…


We bet that sounds familiar. And we know you want to change.


Luckily, you have us. And we are about to share the secret behind our method and a mini guide to weight loss, crop-top abs and bikini buns. You won’t need to run a marathon. You can breathe now.


So, here goes the list: 


  1. Concentration-nation

Although it sounds a little vague, staying focused during class is key for results. You must be mindful of every movement, conscious of every tuck, bend, or stretch, and aware of the position and alignment of your body to feel a difference.


There’s nothing more satisfying than shaking and feeling your muscles buuurn. Every. Single. Time.


2. Routine kills. Work your way thru them.

Do what you love, right? Routines and long-termed commitments are very likely to bore you quickly. But if you are satisfied with your workout and you’re starting to notice those extra bits of fat disappear, you’ll be working out every day without even noticing it. 


Those 60min are your workout. Make them count. Just don’t push it. Don’t get crazy doing more than you can. Keep it short + sweet. Inhale and enjoy.


3. The perfect pair: Tone + Cardio 

You’ve heard of it before. You need both, toning and cardio sessions to get better results. Thank g-d for Fitology then. Our weekly schedule was created to be able to experience both of them in one week. Yay! So easy. You’ll target hamstrings and triceps one day, increase your heart rate the next and you’ll dance to the rhythm of the music somewhere in between.


4. Mindful eating 

To make those drips of sweat and the soreness from class work, you must be careful with what you eat too. Choose wisely your daily options and be aware of quantities. Too much of anything is no good. Keep your plate as colorful as posible, try new recipes and be creative. You wont get bored as quickly. Indulge every now and then. Oh, and drink. Water, of course. 


5. Time for some science = brain food + hormones

In the end, everything - literally everything - comes from your mind. So you better keep it busy, active, full and positive. Sneaky hormones might keep you from being motivated to workout or will make you eat more than you need.


Semi Hack = Workout. Endorphins, released while you are at Fitology will rule over those sneaky negative hormones and will trigger more positive ones. 


Some days you’ll kill it in class and some days you won’t. Bummer. But that’s life. Yin yang. Balance, we mean, will make it all fall into place. When you feel the need to relax, for some “me” time / self care, do it. It’ll make you crave your next class.





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